About Lloyed Aguero Applied Canine Problem Behavior Consultant :

Lloyd Aguero was born a genetically predisposed biologically assembled animal person. As he grew up, he brought into his parents' home all the stray dogs and cats that he could find, mostly domestic shorthair "pussycats". When he got a dog, Lloyd entered a training class "just to learn how to teach good manners", and became seriously ill with an infectious disease known as "trophy fever". He bought books and started attending weekend training clinics and five-day Instructor schools. Lloyd has participated in many obedience trials and dogs shows since! He also is experienced in tracking and field training. In 1983, Lloyd Aguero embarked full time into companion dog training. In 1984 he launched his consulting work, facilitating good relationships between dog and owner, helping owners to "see it" as the dog "feels it". Lloyd Aguero has been helping train companion dogs for 30 years. He continues to attend professional seminars on dog behavior and training, including Cornell and Tufts Universities. He is a lifetime member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) and member of the Delta Society.



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